Expert Articles: Hiring Professional Advisors

A collection of the best resources, articles and advice on choosing and using professionals to advise on the buying or selling of businesses. Compiled by Clinton Lee. Get in touch if you need to talk about engaging professional broking, legal, accounting or other expertise in relation to a business disposal or acquisition.

Divestopedia:  A Guide to Merger and Acquisition Designations (or what all those qualifications mean)
Strategic Exits:
  A Review of M&A Advisor Fees
Inc:   What You Should Know About Working With Business Brokers
UK Business Brokers:   How Much Do Business Brokers Charge?
M&A Lawyer Blog:  What does an M&A lawyer do?
Accounting Web:   Finding The Right Intermediary To Take Your Business To Market  Five Qualities That Determine The Best Broker For Your Business
UK Business Brokers:   How To Find A Professional & Qualified Business Valuer
Forbes:   What Every Business Owner Needs To Know About M&A Firms
Partner On Call:  62 Reasons Why Sellers Should Hire Brokers
Jonathan Lea Network: Finding & Assessing The Right Broker To Sell Your Business
Consultancy UK: The 50 Largest M&A Advisers In The UK

Frontline Venture: Rejection followed by Failure: a career in venture capital
UK Business Brokers: How To Become A Business Broker
Wall Street Oasis: A Forum For Students Seeking Careers In M&A / Investment Banking