Expert Articles: Selling A Business

A collection of the best resources, articles and advice on selling a business. Compiled by Clinton Lee. Get in touch if you want to discuss a full or partial sale of your business.

UKBB:  All The Locations Online Where You Can List A Business For Sale
   Who Will Pay More for My Company – A Strategic or Financial Buyer?
Justin Kan:   The Founder’s Guide To Selling Your Company
Pat Jennings:   10 Things You Need To Know Today If You Want To Sell Your Business Tomorrow
UK Business Brokers: How To Successfully Sell An Insolvent Business
TheM&A Lawyer Blog:   Intro to M&A Representations and Warranties
Business Zone:   How To Sell A Business Today For A Price It Will Be Worth In The Future
UK Business Brokers: Sale Of Business Assets vs Sale Of Business Shares
Marsden Rawsthorn Solicitors:   A Basic But Detailed Guide To Selling A Business   
Inc:  The Two Types of Acquirers, and What They Mean to You
Axial Forum:   5 Differences Between Financial and Strategic Buyers
Divestopedia:   The Top 10 EBITDA Adjustments to Make Before Selling a Business
Inc: How to Sell Your Company to a Foreign Buyer–and Make More Money
AlleyWatch:   Pitfalls Around Earnouts (and Why They Rarely Payout)
CFAW:   A Company Doesn’t Have to be Perfect to be Sellable
Forbes: 18 Key Issues In Negotiating M&A Agreements For Tech Firms
UK Business Brokers:
    A Collection Of Articles On How To Sell Businesses
Compass Point Capital:   101 Things You Should Know About Selling Your Business
Axial Forum:    8 Essential Tactics For M&A Negotiations
The Biz Seller:   The 23 For-Sale-By-Owner Commandments
JDSupra:    The Various Exit Alternatives For Private Equity (or other) Investors
Axial:  Should You Take An EarnOut?
UKBB:   How To Impress Investors To Finance Or To Buy Your Business
The Supper Club: The Exit Journey – An excellent 24 page PDF guide but (free) registration is required. Preparing To Sell A Company – Steps In The Exit Process